Founded in 1942, the Grès fashion house was an uncompromising leader in haute couture for several decades. Grès entered the perfume world in 1959 and Parfums Grès now has a rich heritage and genuine legitimacy in perfumery.

In fact, few brands can lay claim to a fragrance like Cabochard that is 60 years old and that has become a myth in the perfume industry. Or one like Cabotine, which was launched in 1990 to win young girls‘ hearts and undoubtedly lived up to its promises: Cabotine has been many girls’ first fragrant love over the last decades.

After 60 years of perfume history, time has come to reposition the corporate brand image and the different pillars again higher towards luxury and bring Parfums Grès back as a modern, chic prestige perfume brand.

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