The exploration of LIU JO’s female universe conquers the world of fragrances. With perfume holding, a leading partner and a shining star in the international fragrance market, the brand enhances all the precious nuances of feminine charm.

Liu jo’s fragrances carry the brand’s DNA and give it that allure that only perfume can give. Where LIU JO’s style and perfume holding’s expertise meet, fragrances are born that bring to life a multitude of atmospheres, moods and the thousand nuances of seductive spells, never failing to get the place of honour in a woman’s olfactory dimension. This is what happened with LIU JO Eau de Parfum, the Eau de Toilette scent of LIU JO, and the LIU JO Gold Eau de Parfum, rich and elegant combinations of notes that paved the way to the brand’s journey with the appeal of a must-have, followed by equally iconic fragrances for a femininity that’s just blossomed: the Eau de Parfum LIU JO Lovely U and LIU JO Lovely Me. Fragrances fit for a queen, that in 2019 will be joined by the Eau de Parfum LIU JO Milano: a triumph of citrusy notes, flowery nuances and lovely temptations, enclosed in a precious bottle that stands out in total glittery style.

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