Sarah Jessica Parker has always been a creative force to be reckoned with. 

As an award-winning actor, producer, and undeniable style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker has created magic on both stage and screen.

Behind the scenes she has pursued many other passions, including her love of the arts, design, and the introduction of her first NYC-based fashion label, the SJP Collection.

Among those passions also lies her love of fragrance. Over the course of the past decade, Parker has introduced a brilliant succession of distinctive scents including Lovely, Covet, and SJP NYC – each one touched by her distinct sense of curiosity, as well as her unique mix of elegance and edge.

And now, a new fragrance to add to the collection – STASH.

Serving as both muse and master, Sarah Jessica has collaborated with prestigious perfumers and artisans who have brought to life the singular experience of this new scent. 

Personal, sexy and addictive, STASH is a potent play of raw, provocative ingredients wrapped with enticing, flirtatious notes.

The secret is finally out.

Experience STASH, and all fragrances, from Sarah Jessica Parker.​

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