Behind The Brand

The house of French luxury menswear begin a new chapter in their history with an olfactive project inspired by the ZILLI wardrobe.


ZILLI’s first collection of signature fragrances is a balance between heritage, tradition and innovation. Using the most beautiful materials to evoke the essences of leather, wood and elements that are in symbiose with the House.

The first 3 fragrances are:

Blue Titanium (The freshness of ferns) – A fragrance filled with contrasts, combining the vivacity of the cardamom / geranium duo and the striking force of tobacco and patchouli.

Inspired by a wardrobe of suit jackets with structured lines.

Cachemire Noir (The depth of amber) – A warm, textured amber ball, associated with the enveloping effect of spiced vanilla.

Inspired by a wardrobe of cashmere pullovers worn next to the skin.

Cuir Imperial (The strength of leather) – A sophisticated fragrance that remains anchored in memory, combining warm deep materials (leather and wood) lightened by a zest of energizing citrus

Inspired by the iconic leather jacket of House ZILLI.

2021 will also see the launch of an exclusive collection; Millesime. This new collection will be inspired by the world of spirits and includes 3 intense fragrances.


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