AMOUAGE Launches Material & Boundless

AMOUAGE release two new gender-neutral Eau de Parfums into the Third Cycle: Odyssey of their collection.


Boundless and Material embody the power of liberation as a life-bringing energy and an enjoyment of life to the fullest.

An adventure burning with creative tension, the fragrances paint humankind’s awakening to the novelty of pure existence, consumed with the joy of newfound liberation, free from any prejudice or discrimination.  


Boundless and Material are available in 100ml bottles of Eau de Parfum with 25% fragrance oil in the rich formula.




Olfactive Family: Woody, Spicy, Amber


Boundless is a burst of joy, a fleeting euphoria, the scented translation of this vertical tension that powers those who want to grasp and enclose in their hands the immense immensity of the world, drink its landscapes and taste its horizon.


TOP: Blood Orange Oil, Cardamom Oil, Ginger CO2. Elemi Absolute Oil

HEART: Vanilla Bourbon Absolute and CO2, Benzoin Resinoid

BASE: Guaiac Wood Oil, Papyrus Oil, Cocoa Absolute, Tobacco Absolute, Oak Moss Absolute, Frankincense Absolute and Oil, Myrrh Resinoid, Vetiver Oil, Patchouli Oil


Olfactive Family: Woody, Spicy, Amber


Material is a paradox – through materiality, it evokes immateriality. It shows decadence but speaks of nobility, it boasts opulence but smells of humility, teaching us to look beyond appearances and that what matters is often unseen.


TOP: Elemi Oil, Patchouli Oil

HEART: Vanilla Madagascar Absolute, Benzoin Resinoid

BASE: Guaiac Wood Oil, Oud Oil, Osmanthus Absolute, Frankincense Resinoid, Labdanum Absolute, Tonka Bean Absolute


Material& Boundless are available to purchase from: Harrods & Selfridges, instore and online.

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