AMOUAGE Launches The Attars

New Amouage Attars: An Ode to the Oldest Form of Perfume Known to Mankind


An homage to the beauty, nobility and wealth of the empires that gave perfume its first golden age, Amouage has released an ensemble of six Attars that reunite two schools of fragrance, the technical with the olfactive, to give birth to a new generation of perfume. The sublime and modern pure fragrant oils, from the minds (and noses) of Perfumers Cécile Zarokian, Dominique Ropion and Julien Rasquinet, draw inspiration from the Sultanate of Oman – its rich traditions, rare natural treasures and inherent passion for fine fragrance.  


Attars have always been a staple of the House, previously only available in Oman. On discovering them, famous perfume author Luca Turin said, “I felt a mixture of pride and frustration at being in possession of a thing of beauty that few others could share.” Today, Amouage is reintroducing the world to the oldest form of perfume known to mankind, as it continues to push the boundaries of perfumery under the creative direction of Renaud Salmon.  


“We are proud to be able to extend our Attars beyond Oman and share them with the world. Our ambition was to stay true to the Attars’ noble and precious reputation, taking advantage of their history while infusing them with Amouage’s own innovative creative approach. It is the Attars strength and their resonance that has allowed us to reinvent them for a changing olfactory landscape without denying their identity,” said Salmon.


He added, “Rare, precious, and unique, they are at once modern and ancestral, rooted in a truly Omani tradition and heritage. Derived from natural ingredients and radiating ethereal beauty, they are much more than simple fragrance, they are an intimate, authentic and ritualistic custom; a signature scent of connoisseurs, and a way of self-expression that has transcended civilizations.”


The application of the Attar itself is a profoundly soothing experience, gently smeared directly on pulse points – the wrists, below the ear, inside the elbow or behind the knee – where the heat generated by the blood flow gives the Attar the warmth it needs to fully blossom. A fundamental part of the ceremony of Arabian perfumery, theyare best worn according to a traditional practice known as Layering. An art initself, the custom involves combining several Attars and fragrances in order to create a complex and unique sillage every day; sublimating, rather than improving, the main scent.


Amouage’s six Attars have been skillfully created with this ritual in mind. Inspired by villages in Oman, from the beguiling delicacy of blossom-strewn mountains to the sacred aura of ancient settlements, Orris Wakan, Rose Aqor, Vanilla Barka, Incense Rori, Saffron Hamra, and Oud Ulya, adroitly capture the soul of each of these ‘hidden gems’ and translate them into lasting fragrances that are flawless when worn alone or layered with one another.


The Amouage Attars are available in 12ml bottles enclosed in a lacquered wooden coffret as well as a beautiful Sampler Set including all six Attars in 0.5ml. The entire collection of 12 ml Attars is also available in a luxurious coffret set. The Attars can be purchased online and instore at Harrods in January 2022.


The campaign images were shot by Piotr Stoklosa.


Orris Wakan

 INGREDIENTS: Orris – Musks –  Sandalwood

PERFUMER: Julien Rasquinet


The graceful iridescence of Orris Butter unfolds in a mist of  carnal White Musks shimmering with hues of milky Sandalwood. A peaceful ode  to the orchards of Wakan, where apricot trees flower every Spring.


Rose Aqor

 INGREDIENTS: Rose Centifolia –  Frankincense – Sandalwood

PERFUMER: Cécile Zarokian


A lush of Rose Centifolia blooms amidst a radiant heart of  Frankincense and a pearly haze of Sandalwood. A sumptuous tribute to the  oasis of Al Aqor, where the rarest roses in the world still grow.


Vanilla Barka

 INGREDIENTS: Vanilla – Tonka Bean – Frankincense

PERFUMER: Dominique Ropion


A sweet and decadent Vanilla  Absolute melts into a voluptuous stream of Tonka Bean lit up by flashes of  crystalline Frankincense. An image of the splendour of Barka, the legendary  City of Spices near the sea.


Incense Rori

 INGREDIENTS: Frankincense – Cedar Wood – Oakmoss

PERFUMER: Julien Rasquinet


The sheer glory of Hojari Frankincense shines bright against a  dark veil of Oakmoss and the hushed warmth of Virginian Cedarwood. The  magical scent of Khor Rori at dusk, when incense wafts from the boats ashore.


Saffron Hamra

 INGREDIENTS: Saffron – Rose Centifolia –  Cade

PERFUMER: Cécile Zarokian


The supreme opulence of Saffron coils around a deeply sensual  Rose Centifolia Absolute under leathery fumes of burning Cade wood. The  luxurious union of a King and Queen in the stark redness of the Hamra  Mountains.


Oud Ulya

 INGREDIENTS: Oud Assam – Vanilla – Birch

PERFUMER: Cécile Zarokian


The raw animality of the Oud  Assam is sublimed by the intense smokiness of Birch Tar and tamed by a generous  pour of Vanilla. The pure expression of Oud, as royal and lavish as the  nature of Ulya.