Face Zone, Institute solutions and Tokyo Lift lines offered by Dr Irena Eris extend ranges with 6 new SKUs.


Face Zone Even Tone Skin Enhancer SPF 50+ 30ml

Even Tone Skin Enhancer SPF 50+ offers an unrivalled combination of advanced skin conditioning, excellent skin tone enhancing properties, and a very high level of protection from solar radiation and harmful external factors. The cream makes skin smoother and more elastic(89%*). The innovative patent protected complex TiErgoTion strengthens the structure and stimulates the growth and regeneration of the epidermis. The cream shows RPF at very high level, Radical Protection Factor = 1,5x1021.


A unique blend of advanced UVA/UVB filters (SPF 50+)protects sensitive skin prone to discoloration and promotes its regeneration. The weightless cream formula containing delicate pigments which adapt to the skin evens out the skin tone (improvement by 81%*), giving you a flawless, radiant and natural-looking complexion. This is the perfect product for women looking for a comprehensive solution for their morning make-up.


Face Zone Instant Beauty Boosting Essence 30ml

A cocktail of concentrated active ingredients and highly mineralised waters guarantee a remarkable improvement in the skin’s appearance in no time. Its original C-Azelotone complex perfectly brightens the skin, reduces redness, provides maximum moisturisation and leaves the skin silky smooth.


Face Zone Black Mud Mask Detoxifying &Revitalising 50ml

Based on natural Brazilian clay, this mask perfectly cleanses the skin, and removes toxins and all impurities. It gently exfoliates while absorbing dead skin cells and excess sebum. It effectively unblocks pores, accelerates renewal processes and significantly improves skin smoothness(+58%*).


The mask intensively oxygenates and stimulates microcirculation, creating a delicate, pleasant tingling sensation. The natural ingredients contained in the formula, mineral salts and oligo elements moisturise and revitalise skin, restoring its healthy appearance.


Face Zone Jelly Sleeping Mask Ultra-Plumping & Regenerating 50ml

An extraordinary mask with a fresh, gel consistency and a rich formula that stimulates the skin to achieve deep regeneration. The active peptide complex activates natural repair mechanisms, inhibits cell ageing and boosts collagen production.

Specially selected moisturising ingredients cause a rapid increase in skin hydration (+91%*), ensuring that skin is intensely filled, visibly toned and pleasantly soft to the touch.



Multi-Pollution Defense Day Moisturiser SPF 30

This is a comprehensive protection against skin aging caused by free radicals’ aggression, pollution, and harmful external factors.

Moisturising light cream-shield benefits:

·        Protection against smog [PM2.5 SHIELD]*

·        Broad-spectrum SPF 30 [UVA, UVB, IR]

·        Blue light [HEV] protection

·        Radical protection factor [RPF]]


Key Ingredients within the formulation provide multidirectional skin protection:


Dual-peptide technology:

·        Blocks out smog particles from the skin

·        Reduces oxidative stress

·        Prevents premature aging


Snow algae extract:

·        90% instant moisturisation

·        23% wrinkle reduction


Olive tree and jujube extracts:

·        Effective detoxification

·        87% radiance and skin tone


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