Pharmaceris Add Comedo-Acne & Psoritar-Intensive to their T & P Lines


Pharmaceris is a patient-oriented expert brand that offer both skin care and skin prevention products that extend the periods of remission and prevent flare ups.

Thirteen highly effective and complete product lines, each designed for a particular skin problem, and described by the alphabet letter.

The range includes products for Allergic and Sensitive Skin, Hair and Scalp Care, Sun Care, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, and X-Ray, skin after radiotherapy.

Pharmaceris are the leader in the field of patent applications and patents – 16 applications and 7 patents achieved.

Now, Pharmaceris add two new products to their T (Oily-T Zone) and P (Psoriasis) lines.


This cream is intended for facial and body skin affected by psoriatic lesions of varying severity. It can be used as a stand-alone or complementary treatment, as well as in periods of remission to prevent the recurrence of symptoms.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 2% Juniper Tar Oil | 0.3% Ichthyol | 0.25% Salicylic Acid 3% Canola Oil | 1% Hempseed Oil | 6.5% Emollients (Shea Butter, Olive Wax) | 0.3% Allantoin


▪ The product reduces the appearance of scales after just 6 applications

▪ Its mechanism of action is based on a unique combination of juniper tar oil and ichthyol pale.

▪ The formula relieves persistent itching, burning, and redness of the skin, improving the user’s comfort.

▪ It comprehensively supports the regeneration of skin affected by psoriasis and has a soothing and protective effect.

▪ By regulating the desquamation process, it extends the period of remission and restores the normal barrier function of the epidermis.

▪ The product soothes the skin and improves its general condition and appearance.

How to Use: Apply the cream daily. Massage a small amount of the cream onto cleansed and dry skin affected by psoriatic lesions. Massage gently until absorbed. It is recommended to apply a thicker layer at night. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and UV radiation when using the cream.


The cream is based on a combination of Azeloglicina and shikimic acid which act synergistically to eliminate comedones and lighten hyperpigmentation.

INDICATIONS: Daily care for facial skin with the problem of excessive epidermal cell proliferation and sebum over secretion. It is recommended for oily and combination skin prone to clogged skin pores, blackheads and/or whiteheads.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Azeloglicina 5% | Shikimic Acid | Niacinamide


• The formula reduces the number and size of blackheads and whiteheads, while minimizing skin pores and the appearance of post-acne scars.

• It normalizes desquamation and unclogs pores to promote the release of trapped sebum.

• By significantly reducing sebum secretion, it effectively stops shining and prevents development of new acne lesions.

• It evens out the skin tone (lightens post-acne hyperpigmentation).

• It alleviates redness and promotes skin regeneration.

• It effectively inhibits the growth of acne-causing bacteria (Cutibacterium acnes).

How to Use: Apply the cream every morning and evening on the cleansed skin of the face, rubbing the immediate eye area. Suitable for make-up. It may cause visible, temporary peeling of the epidermis, which is a sign of the effective working of the cream.

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