Pharmaceris wins Gold at the Bambini Baby Awards

We are very happy to announce that on-the-rise dermocosmectis brand, Pharmaceris, entered the Bambini Baby Awards 2022 and took the Gold position across the two categories they entered!


The Bambini Baby Awards celebrates the best of launches for skincare and wellbeing products for babies, toddlers and of course new mums. The products are judged by a team of mums, dads, carers and pregnant women soevery product which takes the gold is approved for use by all.


First up: Best Baby Body Wash

Against Mini U and P’URE, Pharmaceris shone through and took the Gold with their EMOTOPIC – Everyday Bath Emulsion.

Round two: Best Baby Sun Cream

Only two brands entered this category this year which meant it was a true battle of the SPFS and it saw Pharmaceris S – Safe Protective Face Cream SPF 50 prevail and take the Gold!

We congratulate all other brands who took part and also won in their respective categories and look forward to getting involved in the awards again next year!