Sergio Tacchini Launch I love Italy Fragrances for Men and Women

Sergio Tacchini pays homage to the love for Italy, the homeland of their company, and the Italian beauties rich in history, art and culture appreciated all over the world.

All the Made in Italy and the Italian style are also expressed through the design, in an elegant and timeless bottle, embellished with a luxurious and refined cap. For him, a chrome-plated silver cap and a cerulean blue lacquered bottle. For her, a chrome-plated gold cap and a soft pink lacquered bottle.


To celebrate the love for Italy as the setting for the I Love Italy campaign, one of the most evocative and popular places in the area was chosen: the Amalfi Coast. A unique place of great cultural and natural value known for being the place where the cobalt blue of the sea blends perfectly in harmony with the slopes of the mountains, the lemon groves and the bougainvillea terraces.

In the wonderful setting of the Amalfi Coast, the testimonials of the campaign, the beautiful couple of models and influencers Alessandro Egger and Madalina Doroftei, tell an all-Italian love story. The enchanting and exciting shots at sunset that tell the story were made between Conca dei Marini and Positano, seen from the sea.

The refinement of the notes that make up the fragrances, inspired by the authentic Italian heritage with Made in Italy ingredients, is characterized by the marked hints of Italian Mandarin, the key and common element of the new couple.

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