Capture life as it is - no more no less.


ZARKOPERFUME’s Youth EDP is an inspiring perfume that takes you directly back to the wonderful youth, where the whole world was at your feet. The beautiful notes in this perfume are sweet, energetic, and exuberant, just like in your teenage years where most people focused on finding themselves, finding love and the meaning of life.


It is almost inevitable you will smile when the perfume hits your skin and senses; you will re-live your first love, your first day in your new class, your first party, your first best friend and an everyday life with few and usually indifferent worries that turned out to just ready you for adulthood.


This wonderful, vegan and cruelty free perfume includes:


TOP NOTES: Peach - Melon – Apple

MID NOTES: Jasmin - Rose - White flowers - Plum

BASE NOTES: Sandalwood - Powdery musk accord – Vanilla


Youth, like the rest of its fragrance family, is a molecular scent which means that it develops together with your natural body scent creating your own personal scent. As no two people smell the same, the combination of this perfume and your own fragrance is completely unique!