ZARKOPERFUME Re-Appoints ADP For The UK & Ireland

Agence De Parfumerie has been re-appointed as the official distributor of ZARKOPERFUME for the UK and Ireland and will be handling all press enquiries.

ZARKOPERFUME create beautiful molecular fragrances. Based in Copenhagen, Zarko draws his inspiration from the Danish culture and Nordic landscapes, to create molecular fragrances that interact with skin, body temperature, mood and surroundings, to reveal a unique scent on each and every person that wears them.  

All the fragrances in the range are subtle in their details, yet vast in their uncharted expanses. Zarko’s vision is to create fragrances that encapsulate Scandinavia, and fuse classic French perfumery with stringent, Nordic molecular science.

ZARKOPERFUME are gender-neutral, cruelty free, vegan and use recycled packaging.

For more information, samples and hi-res imagery please contact or