ZILLI & Premiere Note Appoints ADP For The UK & Ireland

Agence De Parfumerie (ADP) has been appointed as the official distributor of ZILLI &Premiere Note for the UK & Ireland and will be handling all press enquiries.

ZILLI launch their first collection of signature fragrances. A right balance between ZILLI heritage, tradition and innovation Selection of the most beautiful materials to evoke essences of leather, wood, elements that are in symbiose with ZILLI.

Premiere Note is a new olfactory angle on traditional perfumery. They have reinterpreted iconic notes of French haute perfumery to create an explosive experience. In harmony with the founders’ philosophy and principles, Premiere Note fragrances embody a perfect alliance between elegance and authenticity.

For more information, samples and hi-res imagery please contact christina@agergroup.co.uk or maya@agergroup.co.uk